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The craft of knitting in the first world is not a necessary activity. We do not need to do it - we love to do it. We love the quiet repetitive action, we love those for whom we are knitting, and we love sharing our craft with others. It was in this spirit that I founded my business - my love for my craft and the community that fosters it.  

Charity has been built in to that community for generations already.  What knitter hasn't made something for a good cause? Preemie hats, mastectomy prosthetics, chemo caps... all the way back to socks for soldiers and beyond.

It was a no-brainer for me to build fundraising into my business, and design for a good cause.  As often as I'm able, with the help of my generous tech-editor, I will release a pattern and donate 100% of the money it generates to a cause I believe in.  You can see current fundraising patterns here.