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Errata: Zachel's Slipper Socks

Alexis Hoy

Errata created December 9, 2023. All digital files have been updated with these changes. Please download the latest version:

Chart titles

"Leg Shaping" charts should be "Calf Shaping"

"Top of Foot" chart should be "Top of Foot & Leg"

"Heel Flap" chart should be "Heel Flap & Gusset"

Heel Flap Section

First instruction should read:

With CC, K13(15, 17, 19), turn work. K1, P13(15, 17, 19), K1. These sts will form the heel flap.

Gusset Section

In first paragraph, after PM instruction, added (Note: this marks the approx. middle of the sole) for clarity.

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