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Knitting in Canada - further reading

Alexis Hoy

Last Thursday I held the Yarn Club hostage in overtime to dissect approximately 300 years of Canadian knitting history. Thanks for sticking it out, team! Today I'm rounding up some of the resources I used in my research for those of you who'd like to take a deeper dive into some of the topics we covered. I've tried to organize them roughly by topic.

First off though, I owe a great debt to Canada Knits by Shirley A. Scott. I'm not sure by what license the full text of this book is available online at the link above. I own a hard copy, but was able to access the book in PDF as well. Published in 1990, this is a great overview, especially of early Canadian knitting history, and the history of knitting on the East Coast in particular. It set me on the right track many a time as I filled out the stories I wanted to tell and traced more recent developments from the last 30 years, after its publication date. Recently, Ms. Scott has co-authored another book, to great acclaim: Saltwater Mittens.

Cowichan Sweaters


Ice Harbor Compass Mittens

East Coast Mitten & Sock Innovation


(We did decide that the correct spelling is Toque, FYI. You heard it here first.)

Toque Basic pattern

Knitting in the Interior of Canada

Wartime Knitting

Briggs & Little

Patons & Baldwins Ltd. (Beehive)

Spinrite Yarns

Mary Maxim

Independent Yarn Producers

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