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Yarn Club's Ravelry Groove, Pt. 1.1

Alexis Hoy

This month's Ravelry homework is to play around with the newly created Yarn Club Ravelry Group.  To get you started, the Ravelry wiki entry about groups is here.  Within our own group, we have a set of forums (under the "discussion" tab), we can share info ("pages"), we can share our projects & stash, and keep an eye on the next meeting dates with group events ("upcoming events" box in the right hand column).

Kris ("Kristoemily" on Ravelry) has started a Show & Share thread in the group's forums where we can post about the items we bring to meetings and other projects we'd like to share outside meeting times.  There is also an option to share a project with groups right in your project notes.  When you are on your project's page there's a box in the right column titled "groups."  Choose the Yarn Club from the drop-down menu and your project will show up in the "project" tab of the group's page.

Happy exploring!

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